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Agnes Sanford, born in 1897, and the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China, is one of the most well-known spiritual healers of the Twentieth Century, whom God powerfully used because of her willingness to search out and execute God's Sealed Orders. She taught the power of prayer and the miracle of healing from China to California, even through her battlefront nursing experiences during the First World War.

Agnes Sanford

Agnes Sanford is one of the principal founders of the Inner Healing Movement. Later in life she was appointed by God as a prophet of nature, focussing on reducing California earthquakes. This and other remarkable stories are told by John and Paula Sandford in Prophets, Healers and the Emerging Church. Agnes was the mother of Jack Sanford (died 2005), the renowned Jungian analyst and author. Following 35 years of ministry, Agnes Sanford died in February 1982.


After she was cured of acute depression by a minister who believed in the healing power of prayer, Agnes Sanford herself became very active and successful in healing others of mental and physical ailments by drawing upon the same resources for inner well-being. In The Healing Gifts of the Spirit, she shares the simple, practicable ways of self-help she discovered, and gives step-by-step advice on how to help others. Like many pioneers she has been accused of being 'New Age' and worse. Much of the misunderstanding came from her use of the technique of visualization as a key to her inner healing teachings. She stated "I believe imagination is one of the most important keys to effective praying ... God touches me through my imagination ... Imagination is one of the keys to the relationship of prayer with God." And, "Prayer through the imagination ... picturing the healing." She also promoted Jungian psychotherapy. She called Jesus "that most profound of psychiatrists." It is unfortunate that those who prevented many people from being healed in the church for so long are quick to condemn one who finds a lost key and tries, however uncertainly at first, to reopen the lock. From her lead many followed, including Francis MacNutt and John and Paula Sandford (no relation).

Agnes and her husband Edgar wrote many books, including novels, most of which are no longer in print, but are well worth seeking out.