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Dr. Charles H. Kraft is Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at the School of World Mission, Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, CA) where he teaches Anthropology, Communication, Prayer Ministry (Inner Healing) and Spiritual Warfare. He was also the Founder and President of Deep Healing Ministries, from which he has now retired. Accompanied by his wife Marguerite, he still conducts many seminars around the world on what he calls "Deep Level Healing" (commonly called Inner Healing), Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Meg Kraft is Professor of Missiology at Biola University in Los Angeles, and author of Worldview and the Communication of the Gospel, Frontline Women: Negotiating Crosscultural Issues in Ministry , and Understanding Spiritual Power: A Forgotten Dimension of Cross-Cultural Mission and Ministry.

Dr. Charles H. Kraft

A biography of Dr. Kraft can be found at this Wikipedia page, and many of his books are available in our bookstore.


Charles Kraft has presented a number of seminars in Australia for the Healing Prayer Ministries Network and Beth Tephillah Ministries. These have been about Healing in the Kingdom, Deep Level Healing, Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare, The Authority of the Believer, Leadership and Authority, and Cultural Bondages.

We have learned a great deal from Chuck. Apart from his depth of knowledge and exprience, his greatest impact on us has been from his graciousness and willingness to give whatever time is needed to a person in trouble. At all times he is careful to protect a person's dignity. Considering the amount of personal attack he has endured over the years from Christian leaders trying to "protect" their people from "false teaching", especially in the area of Christians and demons and how to deal with them, we are greatly impressed by Chuck's patience and quiet forbearance. He truly is a Christian statesman.

We first met Chuck at a seminar arranged by Wholeness through Christ Australia. He was in Australia for another conference, and WTCM, who had until then taught us not to do deliverance like Dr. Kraft because "he talks to demons, and they will always lie to you," took the opportunity to arrange for him to demonstrate his deliverance ministry. As we took part in a healing session to one of our leaders, in which demons manifested and were quietly and efficiently dealt with along with the sin issues that allowed them to be there, our stereotypes were shattered. From then on we enthusiastically embraced his approach, and have had great success with it.

Since those early days we have learned more about dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder, mainly through Peter and Heather Toth of Anazao. The method used by the Toth's for dealing with demons meshes well with that of Charles Kraft, as does their approach to dissociative parts. Kraft's emphasis on the enormous authority of the believer when compared to that of the Kingdom of Darkness has proved valuable as we even co-opt the demons, against their will, in the process of setting people free. A description of this process is available on our Prayer Counselling website.